Apology is a new(ish) magazine that contains literature, interviews, essays, reportage, humor, photography, and art. In other words: pretty much everything. It’s a general interest magazine for people whose general interests aren’t general. It’s a sophisticated alternative to sophomoric magazines; it’s a sophomoric alternative to sophisticated magazines. It’s a make-your-own-pithy-observation-that-goes-here magazine.

Apology was founded by and is edited and art directed by Jesse Pearson, who has been editing magazines since 2000 and who is also the person that is writing this text in the third person while undergoing a continuous internal debate as to whether to use the royal “we” or simply the pronoun “I” when referring to Apology.

Apology is published roughly four times a year, updates its website at a pace that to us seems sane but to the rest of the web seems glacial, and is not on Twitter or Facebook because it (we, I) can’t decide whether those social networking Goliaths are evil—or, rather, just how evil they are. 

You can buy copies of Apology directly from us at this page. Or you can look at our stockists page for an Apology-friendly store near you. For trade orders, please contact ARTBOOK / D.A.P. If you’re a company (or just a human being) that is interested in advertising in Apology: Hi! Please email us to request our media kit.

Okay, that should be about it. Oh, but also, everything on this site is © Apology and the individual authors and artists. Please don’t be a dick about it.